Gary Grant Snyder: President. is an Engineering Manager for Intel Corporation.  He is responsible for managing a 8 million dollar product line, 55 employees, delivering Intel debug tools for their next generation micro-processors and chipsets.  He grew into a management position through attending and completing many management classes at Intel.  He grew up in his fatherís sawmill where he worked with wood products and machinery until he was 18 years old.  He spent about 1 year working for a produce farm.  He has since worked in the electronics industry for about 28 years.  He has volunteered for the Olympia Union Gospel Mission for 7 years running their street out-reach ministry and also served on the board including president for 3 years.


Marcia Diane Snyder (Diane): Vice President.  Currently running the Scatter Creek Healing Center.  Diane works in the home as a teacher to our four children.  She also provides much needed direction to people in the Healing center program.  Diane will be a key contributor to the day-to-day management decisions that need to be made.  She spent about 30 years working as a floral designer and floral shop manager.  Diane also operated her own Wedding Floral Business for about a year.  She has 4 years experience with horses and horse care with many contacts establish in the horse community.  Her knowledge in management, flowers, plants, and horses will be invaluable for obtain a profitable farm.